Food Review: Bistro du Vin [Singapore]

I will preface this by saying that I’m no expert on french food. My experience with it extends to being a little more discerning when it comes to escargot and enjoying the odd dish here and there. My grandmother celebrated her birthday in March and we let her decide (from a selection of menus my mum has been meaning to try) on a place to have dinner. Bistro du Vin is under the Les Amis group that is pretty well known for their food, so I had high expectations.

The place itself is lovely and cosy. It’s tucked away on one of the side roads in town and it’s really popular. The lighting was great for the ambience but not so great for taking pictures of using my camera. I still need a better lens for my EP-3 to shoot in low light.

Bistro du Vin specials
We had a cold platter to start. I honestly think it’s hard to go wrong with something like this.
cold cuts platter bistro du vin
The mussels were on the specials board and I had to have some. They were crazy tiny though I think they could have been better? The mussels were slightly mushy and fell apart before I could get them out of their shells.
baby mussels bistro du vin
Look at this tiny mussel the size of my thumb!
smallest mussel bistro du vin
The escargot was really good. I think four out of six of us ordered escargot. They come in these little cups and are already shell-less! Plus the leftover yummy is perfect for dipping bread in.
escargot bistro du vin
Check out the menu for the mains! The price wasn’t too bad either.
menu bistro du vin
menu bistro du vin
This seems to shock many people I’ve spoken to, but I have never been a huge fan of duck. Duck rice is just a thing I have never truly enjoyed. And so I never end up ordering anything with duck in it. Fortunately, dinner with a larger group means everyone gets to try some of everything. I have to say this duck confit was pretty darn amazing. I actually more than enjoyed duck for once!
bistro du vin duck leg confit
I didn’t order the veal, but after I tried it I started wishing I had. The veal blanquette was my favourite of the main courses. It just comes in this creamy sauce and is so tender and all the flavours kind of roll around in your mouth and leave you immensely satisfied.
veal blanquette bistro du vin
The pan-roasted Yorkshire pork chop is the dish I did order. I regretted it pretty quickly. Not because it was terrible, but I am simply not the greatest fan of pork like this. Why I even picked it in the first place is beyond me. I was probably lured in by the word Yorkshire and the thought of Yorkshire pudding. The dish itself was mediocre I think. The taste could have been more exciting. I love caramelised onions enough to get through most of it. I have to say though that the mash was excellent.
yorkshire pork chop bistro du vin
There were so many things I wanted to try on the dessert menu.
dessert menu bistro du vin
Back to basics because you just can’t go wrong picking creme brulee. The sugar shell was perfect. Thought I wouldn’t be able to finish a whole dessert on my own but I could have an entire one of these to myself!
creme brulee bistro du vin
This Fondant au chocolat ought to speak for itself. Amazing, melty, and rich. Plus, vanilla ice cream with actual vanilla beans always pleases me.
fondant au chocolat bistro du vin
This dessert was called Pink Tiramisu on the menu: mascarpone ice cream with raspberry sorbet, meringue, sparkling rose, pink biscuit, and whipped cream. I picked it because it sounded intriguing and I was wondering how all the flavours would come together. It was prettier to look at than to eat, sadly. The combination was underwhelming. I think it’s the only dessert that we didn’t manage to finish up.
pink tiramisu bistro du vin
Overall, for the intimate atmosphere and mid-range price point, I would definitely recommend a trip to Bistro du Vin. It’s a great place for a family meal and even a date! Maybe not the best option though if your date is someone with a quiet demeanour. It’s not exactly a noisy restaurant, but you definitely have to speak to be heard and the conversations around you could get slightly intimidating.


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